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Little tube-nosed bat
from Japan (image)
Patrick Fitzsimons
updated 25/08/2004
The aim of the Sussex Bat Research Group is to develop and apply methods for the study of bat behaviour and ecology in the field.
M. bechsteinii
The rare Bechstein's bat
 Myotis bechsteinii
(click image to hear this bat's echolocation
call slowed down ten times)

Our work focuses on woodland bats, their conservation ecology and behaviour. Current field sites are located in the UK and Japan, both temperate regions where most bat species are dependent on woodland habitats.

It is widely agreed that bat populations have declined, and that habitat loss and degradation are contributory factors. Relevant quantitative data are limited, however, because bats are so difficult to record or monitor, especially in woodlands.

We have developed new techniques that enhance our abilities to survey target woodland areas for bats, and to study patterns of habitat use within them.