The Korner Travelling Fellowship Fund exists to commemorate the life and work of Professor Asher Korner, the first Professor of Biochemistry in the University of Sussex. Applications are invited for awards to be taken up in 2012.

Purpose of the fund: Fellowships are available to allow students and recently qualified postdoctoral scientists, working in the field of gene expression (or related areas) in laboratories in the U.K. or Republic of Ireland, to visit laboratories outside these countries or to attend international conferences. Awards are also available to similar applicants from abroad who wish to visit laboratories or conferences within the U.K. or Republic of Ireland. Awards of up to 1000 towards the costs of travel and subsistence may be made at each funding round.

Eligibility: To be eligible an applicant must be a postgraduate or final year undergraduate student currently registered for a degree, or a postdoctoral scientist (usually up to 5 years post-PhD), who is engaged in a research project within a university or research institute. The topic of study to be pursued during the foreign trip should lie within the fields of gene expression, protein biosynthesis or molecular endocrinology. The proposed trip must commence not less than 1 month after the closing date for the relevant funding round. Awards cannot be made in retrospect.

Application procedure: Application forms can be obtained online HERE or from Professor Mike Clemens (email: In addition to the completed form the applicant should provide a brief curriculum vitae (C.V.), a letter of support from his/her supervisor or Head of Department and, where appropriate, a letter of acceptance from the host laboratory where the applicant wishes to work. In the case of conference attendance, a copy of the programme and any abstract to be presented must be included. This documentation should be sent by the closing dates of 31st January, 31st May or 30th September , to the above email address or by post (four copies) to:-

Professor M.J. Clemens
Dept. of Biochemistry, School of Life Sciences
University of Sussex
John Maynard Smith Building
Brighton BN1 9QG

Applications in electronic format are encouraged, preferably in the form of a single pdf combining all documentation.

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Last update 15 October 2011