Welcome to the website of the Plant Conservation Masters Degree at the University of Sussex.

The loss of species biodiversity worldwide, and declines in species' ranges and abundances are among the most pressing problems in the natural world. When most people think about conservation matters, they tend to focus their attention on large and charismatic animal species, which are regarded as flagship species for conservation. Plants are given little publicity, and there has in the past been relatively little funding for their conservation, even though they are as much under threat as are animal species. Moreover, because of the total dependence of life on earth on the primary producers (plants account for over 99.9% of the living biomass on the world's surface), it can be argued justifiably that we should direct the majority of our conservation efforts towards plant species. This degree will inform all with an interest in understanding the threats to plant species survival, the problems associated with rarity, and the causes of rarity, and the techniques ecologists and conservationists employ to counteract the threats.

Bee orchid