Tenzin Paul Dienes

Born 28th Spetemeber 2008



The name Tenzin comes from the first name of the 14th Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, for his admirable emotional intelligence and compassion in the face of great adversity. Paul was a name I was called when young, it is my grandfather's middle name, and my great grand-father's first name. "Tenzin Paul" also resonates with "Zoltan Paul" the name of my grandfather. Like with my other son (Harry János), "Tenzin Paul" follows the principle of having one usual and unusual name so he can choose how he likes to portray himself.

Tenzin's surname is given by "DNS" (how I pronounce Dienes). You could say DNS is the Dienes Naming System (DNS) for surnames (not that I know any Dienes who subscribes to it other than myself!). The idea of DNS is to have a system of surnames that is simple, non-sexist, and sustainable across generations without the length of surnames growing. On the proposed system, husband and wife keep their surnames, as in many Oriental countries. Sons take the father's surname and daughter's take the mother's. The method is symmetrical with respect to gender, so entirely non-sexist. Further, male surnames come to track Y Chromosomal DNA and female surnames come to track mitochondrial DNA, so the naming system even has a biological basis!