Materials for teaching 2006-2007

I am course organizer for Conscious and Unconscious Mental Processes, a final year option, and Philosophy of Psychology, a final year core course.


Conscious and unconscious mental processes:

(Taught in the Autumn Term.)

Further materials in Study Direct.

Reading list


Lecture 2: Higher Order Thought theory
Lecture 3: Unconscious memory
Lecture 4/5: Subliminal perception
Lecture 6/7: Implicit learning
Lecture 9: Hypnosis
Lectures 10: Cold control


Philosophy of psychology:

(Taught in the Autumn Term.)

Reading list

Lecture handouts can be downloaded from Study Direct.

Lectures 1-7 are lectured by me, lecture 8 by Paul Sparks, 9 by Pete Clifron, and 10 by John Drury.