Materials for teaching 2004-2005


Mental Representation and Consciousness (2004-2005):

(Taught jointly with Ted Ruffman)

Reading list


Lectures 1 and 2: Philosophy of mind and representation
Lecture 3: Development of mental representation
Lecture 4: Theory of mind: Normal development
Lecture 5: Theory of mind: Autism
Lecture 6: Theory of mind in animals
Lceture 7: Implicit knowledge and explicitation
Lecture 8: Self-conscious memory
Lectures 9 and 10: Implicit memory
Lectures 11 and 12: Subliminal perception
Lecture 13: Implicit learning
Lecture 14: A theory of implicit knowledge
Lectures 15 and 16: Hypnosis
Lecture 17: Volition: (a) lecture ppt (b) paper (c) short ppt
Lecture 18: Time and consciousness


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Independent Study



Materials for previous courses, including the old EP research methods II