This is Harry’s school’s Quadrangle.

The building on the right is “Big School”, the main hall. Turning anti-clockwise, the next building is East block, AKA the “Royal School Of Mathematics”. The third is part of the Science schools.

This building is the dining hall, where Harry marches into lunch almost every day, and conserts are held there aswell.

This is part of the Quad, the original part of the school in horsham. The distant buildings are boarding houses

The nearest building is Harry’s boarding house, called Thornton B. The top two floors are the dorms and the bottom floor is for recreational use.

Inside, the housemaster also has his flat.

These two photos are of the stairs and corridors to Harry’s room.

The far door on the second picture leads to the “lav-ends” (showers, sinks, and toilets).

This is Harry’s desk in his room

The coat that Harry is wearing is part of the uniform

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