Zoltan Dienes





Professor of Psychology
School of Psychology
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QH, UK

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Email: dienes@sussex.ac.uk
Phone: +44 1273 876638
Fax: +44 1273 678058




Dienes, Z. (2008).Understanding Psychology as a Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Statistical Inference. Palgrave Macmillan (now in Hungarian! Chinese translation coming soon.)

This book is an invaluable reference for courses on conceptual and historical issues in psychology (CHIP); courses on critical thinking; courses on research methods; and for all researchers!

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I organize Conscious and Unconscious Mental Processes, a final year option module; Perspectives on Psychology, a final year core module. I also teach philosophy of science in the masters module Ethics, Philosophy, and Methods, and a series of lectures on hypnosis in the first year undergraduate module Contemporary Issues in Psychology.






Research publications

I am interested in the distinction between conscious and unconscious mental states, particularly knowledge, but also intentions and desires.

Unconscious knowledge: Much of the knowledge we acquire for dealing with the world appears to be unconscious. For example, we can use the rules of grammar to comprehend and produce grammatical utterances within a fraction of a second, yet we cannot describe more than a few rules of grammar. We can learn not only to use certain linguistic structures, but also to appreciate certain styles of music, to obey cultural rules, or to gain perceptual motor mastery of a domain without consciously knowing the underlying regularities. How is such knowledge acquired? By what  methods can we know whether knowledge is conscious or unconscious? What type of structures can be learnt unconsciously? How can such learning be computationally modelled? 

Unconscious intentions: I argue hypnosis is a way of acting which is intentional but the person is strategically unaware of those intentions.

Unconscious desires: What is the psychological function of sexual fantasy?

I am interested in foundational differences between Bayesian data inference and orthodox statistics, and believe we psychologists should be using more Bayesian tools to get the most from our data


A hobby I invest a lot of time into is martial arts. I coach and run the University of Sussex Integrated Martial ArtsClub.
My younger brother Russell died 6 June 1997.
My twin brother Bruce died on the 24th August 2006.
My older son Harry and my younger son Tenzin.
My dog Kali
My father's website (John Biggs) .
If you are looking for my grandfather, Zoltan Paul Dienes, the mathematics educator, his page is here. He sadly passed away on 11 Jan 2014, age 97, happily singing songs with friends and family.
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