Latest News

13th April - One thumb compass found at Worth. Contact organiser to claim.
12th April - If anyone would like to receive a map because they left before reclaim or couldn't make the event at all please send an SAE to 138 Cuckfield Road, Hurstpierpoint, BN6 9SD with a list of which maps are requested.
11th April - Officials' comments and Sat string course results added to results page
10th April - Some photos from Rob Lines and from Simon E. and Simon B.
8th April - Middle arena map updated to reflect revised location of toilets.
6th April - The order of age classes within each final now added to final details page
6th April - Arena maps for sprint and middle added to final details page
4th April - Please read the note on eligibility on the final details page
4th April - A mistake has been identified in the the final details. Four will qualify from each W60 sprint heat not three as stated. Now corrected.
3rd April - Start times and sprint heat allocations are now available at SIEntries. Note that start times have been formulated to BOF guidelines and so some competitors, particularly in the Elite classes, may not have got a time in their requested slot.
3rd April - Final details now available in Word or PDF format
31st March - direction maps and class course combinations posted on Final Details page
28th March - old maps of Worth Forest and Sussex University posted on Final Details page

Saturday April 9th - British Sprint Championships

UK Cup race
Selection race for WOC Sprint, Nordic Champs, Euromeeting
Masters Cup Race

Sunday April 10th - British Middle Distance Championships

UK Cup Race
FCC Race
Selection race for WOC Middle, Nordic Champs, Euromeeting
Selection race for JWOC, EYOC, Talent squad summer tours
Selection race for Ward Junior Home International (English Team)
Masters Cup Race

This year's Championships are generously sponsored by Buff who are providing prizes for the Elite Classes in both the Sprint and Middle distance.

Universities of Sussex and Brighton

The sprint championships will be based at the University of Sussex with the qualifying round also using the newly mapped Falmer Campus of the University of Brighton. The assembly area will be based at the Sports Complex, facilities at which include toilets, showers, a bar and Sky TV. A snippet of the University of Sussex map is shown to the right.

This will be the first running of the combined sprint championships with medals available at all age classes except M/W18 and M/W20 which will be combined with M/W21 to form a single elite class. Due to the length of the sprint courses no S classes will be offered. The championships will consist of parallel qualifying rounds for each age group from which the top runners will qualify for the A final. The results from the A final will determine the medalists. Those not qualifying for the A final will have the opportunity to run in a B or C final.

Anticipated first start for the qualifying heats is 11:00am. Parking is close to assembly. There is a walk of 1.5km to all heat starts. Finish is in the assembly area. Anticipated first start for the elite finals is 14:00 with all other finals starting from 14:50. Start and finish both in assembly area.

Worth Lodge

The middle distance championships will be based at Tulleys Farm which has many facilities including a tea room, farm shop and activities for younger children. A snippet of the Worth Lodge map is shown to the bottom right.

Parking will be at the main Tulleys Farm complex which is 800m from the assembly area. Anticipated first starts will be at 10:00. For the elite competitions (M/W18-21) start times will be allocated according to Appendix M of the BOF rules. Every effort however will be made to accomodate families where both parents are running in one of these classes. The elite start will be in the assembly area, all other age classes have a 700m walk to their start. The finish for all classes is in the assembly area.


Major Officials

Co-ordinator: Neil Crickmore (Southdowns Orienteers)

Sprint Planners: Susan and Jonathan Crickmore (SO)
Sprint Controller: Steve McKinley (SN)

Middle Distance Planner: Vincent Joyce (SO)
Middle Distance Controller: Mike Forrest (BOK)