Saturday April 9th - British Sprint Championships
Sunday April 10th - British Middle Distance Championships

Online entries has been via SIentries but have now closed

The following entry-on-the-day courses will be available for newcomers, local BOF members or National BOF members

a 2km non-championship sprint course during the heats (HNC) starts 11-12am
a 2km non-championship sprint course during the finals (FNC) starts 3-4pm
Cost £3 per course (seniors), £1 per course (Juniors), SO Juniors Free
A free string course (am) and naughty numbers course (pm) will also be available

Yellow, Orange and Green courses starts 10-1
Cost £5 (seniors), £2 (juniors), SO Juniors Free
A free string course will also be available

Only National BOF members can enter the championships. If you are not a National member then why not consider joining or upgrading your membership - see the BOF website for details.

Entry fees are the same for both championships:

Fee if entered by Mar 13th
by Mar 27th
Junior / Student

Anyone wishing to obtain Masters Cup points should make sure that they enter the age class in which they intend to score points throughout the series.

Note that for the middle distance championships all M/W18-21 entrants will be considered to have entered the elite class. Should entry numbers on any of these classes exceed 60 then selection policies will be applied and the non-selected runners will be entered onto a non-elite class of the same age group. If a competitor who intends to "run up" in an elite class is selected out then they will be given the opportunity to be transferred into their actual age class competition.

The pavilion to the right will be in the Sprint race arena and both qualifying and final rounds will finish here. There is a licenced bar available just behind the viewing balcony.