Crossword Run Jan 24th 2012

It has been said that orieneteering is a bit like attemting to complete The Times Cryptic Crossword whilst running a marathon. This week's activity will involve running, map reading and crossword solving all at the same time. We will meet at the school at 7:30pm where competitors will be split into teams. Each team will be given maps with control circles shown and a list of clues (some straightforward some cryptic). The answer to each clue will be the name of the road that one of the control circles is on. The team can then split into two groups to go and find the answer to the associated question. This second answer is then entered into the empty crossword grid. For example:

1 ...Clue: Who is next in line to the British Throne?
......Question: What is the name of the house at number 45?

The answer to the clue is Charles and so the answer to the question is found at the control located on Charles Avenue (road names are on the map). This answer - for example dunoing - is the one to be entered into the crossword grid.

Note that there will be more control circles shown than clues, so visiting all the control circles without solving the clues may not be the best tactic, and it will make answering the questions more difficult!

Note also that the clues and locations are different to those used for this exercise last June.