Recent News

7 Jan 13 Lots of new toxins added!
7 Sept 12 Cry8Ra1, Cry8Sa1, Cry59Ba1, Cry71Aa and Cry72Aa added
28 Sep 11 Cry70Aa, Ba, Bb and Cry1Hb added. New dendrogram added
30 Aug 11 Cry69Aa1, Cry69Ab1 added plus many others since Nov 2010
24 Nov 10 Many new toxins and new dendrograms added
17 Nov 10 Vip3Aa42/43, Vip3Ag5, Cry1Ac34, Cry1Ca13, Cry8Ma3 added
25 Oct 10 Vip3Ag4 added
12 Oct 10 Cry68Aa and Cyt1Da added
20 Sept 10 Cry8Na, Cry8Fa2, Cry1Ac34, Vip2Bb2 and Vip3Bb3 added
June/July 10 Lots of new toxins added!
24 Feb 10 Cry60Ba added
19 Feb 10 Cry60Aa,, 32Ab, 8Ia, 2Ah, 8Ib, 8La, 54Ba, 50Ba added
23 Dec 09 Cry1Ma, Cry9Ba2, Cry1Ac29, Cyt2Ba13&14, Vip3Aa33&34 added
16 Oct 09 Cyt2Ba10/11/12 added
17 Sep 09 Cry7Ab7 added
28 Aug 09 Cry30Ca2 and Cry56Aa2 added
9 Aug 09 Cry9Ea1 added
3 July 09 Cry20Ba1and Cry59Aa1 added
4 Jun 09 Cry7Da1 and a Cry20-like toxin added
17 Apr 09 Cry57Aa, Cry58Aa, Cry2Ai, Cry8Ka2 and Cry8 like toxins added
13 Feb 09 Cry56Aa1 and Cry1be3 added
16 Jan 09 Cry2Ah2, Cry1Ia15/16, Cry1Ac26/27, Vip3Aa29/30/31/32 added
5 Jan 09 Cry4Cb2 and Vip3Ag2 added
5 Dec 08 Cry1Ac25 and Cry30Ea2 added
28 Nov 08 For clarity two different dendrograms now included
28 Nov 08 Vip3Aa28, Cry52Ba, Cry53Ab, Cry4Cb, Cry4Cc, Cry8Ka added
14 Nov 08 Cry9Ea7 added
17 Oct 08 Cry2Aa14, Cry46Aa2, Cry2Ag and Cry2Ah added
3 Oct 08 Cry8Ga3, Cry2Aa13 and Cry1Ac24 added
16 Sept 08 Cry7Ab6 added
31 July 08 Cry30Ga1 and new dendrogram added
22 July 08 Cry1Ia14, Cry9Ea6, Cry2Ab13 and Cry2Ab14 added
20 June 08 Cry8Ja1, Cry30Fa1, Cry30Db1, Cyt2Aa3 added
3 June 08 Cry8Ca3, Cry22Aa3, Cry9Ea4, Cry9Ea5 and Cry7Ab5 added
2 May 08 Cry1Fb6, Cry1Fb7 and Cry1Cb3 added
30 April 08 Cry4Ca and Cry1Ib3 and new three domain dendrogram added
22 April 08 Cry40Da added
7 Mar 08 Cry30Ea and new three domain dendrogram added
21 Feb 08 Cry55Aa, Cry40Ca and Cry8Ia added
11 Jan 08 Cry54Aa and new dendrogram added
10th Sep 07 Cry8Ab1 and Cry7Ab3 added
6th July 07 Cry53Aa added
13th Jun 07 Cry7Ca, Cry8Db and Cry52Aa added
17th Nov 06 Cry31Ac and Cry1Dc added
26th Apr 05 Cry31Ab, Cry50 and new dendrogram added
2nd Aug 05 Cry48, Cry49 added
6th Apr 05 Cry9Db and Cry9Eb added. Three domain dendrogram updated.
21st Mar 05 Cry47Aa, Cry1Ab19, Cry1Ac16/17, Cry1Ca11, Cry3Aa11, Cry8Fa2 added
4th Mar 05 Updated Vip nomenclature now online
22nd Dec 04 Cry30Ca added
30th Sept 04 Cry9Bb and Cry46Ab added
1st Sept 04 Cry24Ba and Cry46Aa added
16th July 04 Cry45Aa added along with Cry1Ab17 and 18
22nd Mar 04 Cry8Fa added and 3-domain dendrogram updated
4th Mar 04 Cry44Aa added
28th Jan 04 Cry9Ec and Cry8Ca2 added
9th Dec 03 Cry43 toxins and new dendrogram added
20th Nov 03 Cry30Ba and new dendrogram added
5th Nov 03 Cry1Ca9 added
10th Oct 03 Crys 41Aa, 41Ab, 42Aa, 1If, 1Gc, 2Ae and new 3-domain dendrogram added
10th Oct 03 Crys 1Be2, 1Bf2, 1Jc2, 2Aa11, 2Ac3, 9Ca2 added
24th July 03 Cry8Ea and Cry40Ba added plus Cry1Ia10, Cry1Ia11 and Cry2Ab6
7th Jan 03 Complete toxin list updated with released NCBI links
23rd Dec 02 Complete toxin list further updated
19th Dec 02 Complete toxin list updated
17th Dec 02 New Cry1s and Cry8s added to holotype list. New 3 domain dendrogram
30th Aug 02 Improved sequence submission form, committee information updated
29th Aug 02 Cry8Da, Cry21Ba, Cry22Ba, Cyt2Bc and others added
12th Mar 02 Cry38, Cry39, Cry40 and Cyt2Aa2 added, new dendrogram
13th Dec 01 Major revision to website, many new toxins added
28th Sept 01 Cry1Bf, Cry1Jd, Cry9Eb and new dendogram added
5th June 01 Cry1Aa12 added
18th Apr 01 Cry1Ca8 and four Cry1A-like toxins added
9th Apr 01 Cry1Ba3 added
14th Mar 01 Cry1Ab15, Cry1Db2 and Cry9Ea2 added
12th Feb 01 Updated dendrogram added as .pdf file
8th Feb 01 Cry32Aa, Cry1Ah and Cry1Ca7 added
19th Jan 01 Cry1Fb5 and Cry2Ab4 added
18th Oct 00 Cry1Cb2, Cry2Aa9 and Cry2Ac2 added
16th Oct 00 Cry1Ie, Cry29Aa, Cry30Aa, Cry31Aa and new dendrogram added
5th Oct 00 Cry1Ab14 and more SwissProt annotations added
21st Aug 00 Cry28Aa2 added
2nd Aug 00 SwissProt annotations added for holotype toxins
2nd Aug 00 Cry1Gb2 and refs for Cry1Bd,1Gb, 1Id added
15th May 00 Cry1Ab13 and Cry2Aa8 added
5th Apr 00 Cry1Aa11, Cry1Ac13, Cry1Ca6, Cyt2Ba7, Cyt2Ba8 added
15th Dec 99 Cry1Ea6 added
3rd Dec 99 Cry2Ad1 and Cry1Aa10 added
21st July 99 Cry18Ba, Cry18Ca and new dendrogram added
15th July 99 Cry1Id and Cry2Ab3 added
27th Apr 99 Cry1Aa9 added
23rd Apr 99 New dendrogram added
22nd Apr 99 Crys 3Aa7, 26Aa, 27Aa and 28Aa added
16th Feb 99 Cry9Ea added
29th Jan 99 Cry1Jc, Cry1I-like and Cry1-like added
28th Jan 99 Cry1Aa8, Cry1Ab11 & 12, Cry1Ac12, Cry1Ad2, Cry1Da2, Cry1Ea5, Cry2Aa5-7, Cry3Bb3, Cry10Aa2 and Cry21Aa2 added
17th Dec 98 Cry1Ac11, a Cry9-like and new dendrogram added
15th Dec 98 Cry1Fb3, Cry23Aa and new dendrogram added
14th Dec 98 Cry1Aa7, Cry1Ag, Cry1Ic, Cry11Bb, Cry24Aa, Cry25Aa added
21st Oct 98 New link to functional "Bad for Bugs" database added
3rd Sep 98 Cry19Ba1 and new dendrogram added
28th Aug 98 Cry1Be1 added
29th Jul 98 Cry1Ia6 added
30th Mar 98 Cry1Fb2 added
11th Mar 98 Cry2Aa4 added
23rd Feb 98 Links added from Holotype page to EMBL database
19th Feb 98 Cry1Af and Cyt2Ba6 added, various references updated
4th Feb 98 New dendrogram added
30th Jan 98 Cry9Da2 added
4th Dec 97 New Cyt2Ba alleles added
11th Nov 97 Cry1Ac10 added
11th Jul 97 Cry21A and Cry22A added
2nd Jun 97 Cry5Ac, Cry20A and Cyt2Bb added
28th Apr 97 Cry1Ea4 added
15th Apr 97 Cry1Ga2 (CryIM) added
19th Mar 97 New Dendrogram Available
17th Mar 97 Cry1Ac9 (U89872) added
6th Mar 97 Corrected sequence of Cyt2Ba1 (U52043) submitted to Genbank