Professor Mike Wallis

Dr Caryl Wallis

Biochemistry Department
School of Life Sciences
University of Sussex
Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QG


Research Interests:Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Polypeptide Hormones

Our laboratory has studied various aspects of the biochemistry and molecular biology of pituitary growth hormone (GH), prolactin and related hormones. These studies have included work on the following topics:

  • Structure-function relationships in pituitary GH, using protein engineering/recombinant DNA methods combined with use of biological and receptor binding assays and molecular modelling.

  • Mechanism of action of GH and prolactin at the cellular level including role of receptors and second messengers and actions on gene expression.

  • Mechanisms involved in regulation of secretion and synthesis of GH and prolactin, including the roles of hypothalamic releasing and release-inhibiting factors.

  • Cloning and characterisation of genes for growth hormone, prolactin and related proteins.

  • The molecular evolution and bioinformatics of polypeptide hormones and growth factors.

  • These topics are studied using recombinant DNA methods, protein engineering, molecular modelling, and biochemical, immunological and bioinformatics techniques.

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