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Weekly evolution seminars

The CSE runs a weekly in-house seminar series where CSE members and invited guests present recent results of their own research or current advances in their field from the literature, in an informal atmosphere which encourages discussion and debate. All are welcome to join in - for more information please contact Adam Eyre-Walker (

CSE Evolution Journal Club

The CSE runs a weekly journal club. Each week we select several target journals, from which everyone reads at least one paper. Each member of the group then presents a short summary of their paper to the group,with the opportunity for interesting or controversial results to be discussed in more detail.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal. We aim to cover most of the general science journals, such as Nature and Science, and the more specific evolution journals, such as Evolution, Genetics and Molecular Biology & Evolution.

The journal club is held every Tuesday at 12:30-1:30, usually in seminar room 4D14- all welcome (feel free to bring your lunch with you). Please contact Adam Eyre-Walker ( for more information.




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